Monday, December 20, 2010

Core tenets and practices, on the ground.

In the spirit of my dreams last night, in which I was no longer working for two churches but instead had two schools to teach at for Teach For America (AAHHHHHH), here is a vocabulary lesson.

Intentional Community - in this situation, your housemates aren't just people that you share a house and bills with, but people whose feelings you are concerned about, who you miss seeing when they're not at home, who you check in on to see if they're doing okay; friends who you trust and get to know well and who get to know you well. In intentional community, it just seems to happen that one always makes time for the community, no matter what else is going on in one's life, because, like breathing,  it seems natural to do so and it seems like life won't go on if you don't.

Simplicity - challenging yourself not to use the Internet at home. Or wait. Is it more simple to use technology when it can help us, even with all the distractions the World Wide Web can bring? Is it simpler to use or not to use the Internet?

Sustainability - a) reaching into the smelly, full of old food garbage can to pull out plastic bottles and soda cans that have been thrown in it, to recycle them. b) reminding yourself to do something so that there is a recycling bin next to the garbage can, along with clear signs about what can and cannot be recycled, next time.

Social Justice - What are we doing? What are we working for? What do I live for? What do you live for? What do we live for? When will all people have access to safe food and water, physical and mental health care, shelter, education, and love? What systems, attitudes, and beliefs are going to be transformed?

Anti-Racism Training - a personal examination of my attitudes and beliefs and the systems at work around me and for me.

Journey to an Inclusive Community (JIC) - It's not easy. School wasn't easy, following Jesus wasn't easy, hiking up a mountain isn't the same thing as walking around a track isn't the same thing as taking those first steps. Writing a check might help LVC volunteers and others on it, but it might not help the check-writer that much. Same thing with government actions and actors.

There is nothing else I want to do but walk it.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) - I think it's working.

"Our church is moving..." - sign outside of Fontenelle Community Church in North O that does not mean that the congregation is finding a new location for worship.

Undocumented immigrant - a person who has come to a new country, perhaps with the promise of a job or a safe home free from persecution, who does not have government papers that say why that person has come.

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Human beans are not illegal aliens.

"Undocumented immigrant" seems to be a much less terrifying, less offensive term.

I haven't watched all of 9500 Liberty yet, but man, it doesn't take much.

Definitely more on this later. Now is not the time to be silent.