Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I may be a little tired, but my whole house did not get destroyed and no one in my town has been killed by a tornado.

We're about six hours away from Joplin, MO, so the news about the storm is just hitting closer to home more than it might have if I was still in Maryland or Ohio. Pastor Patti is feeling very called to go do tornado relief work with her husband, and the way the schedule is at church right now she won't be able to go for a few weeks, but I think after Pentecost and Confirmation she will be out of here for awhile.

Sorry there hasn't been much blogging lately - I have a few thoughts I've been wanting to share and will probably be able to get to posting them within a week.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

City feel.

Today, as I was walking through downtown Omaha on my way to and fro Table Grace Cafe, I was first reminded of downtown Silver Spring-or-Bethesda, MD, as I walked out of the parking garage, and then of Chicago when I was walking down a street under a bridge between two big buildings and the wind hit me a certain way. And THEN, I had "Neww Yorrrrk" from Alicia Keys/Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" stuck in my head.

I guess some of my readers might not know that song, and it's great, and makes me remember how much I love NYC specifically but also cities in general - so, happy listening.