Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation and transition.

Well. There are these big moments in your life which the 21st century has now made reduce-able to first sentences of blog posts, ie., my favorite current Russian's "I'm going to Russia tomorrow."

Mine? Mom and Dad are leaving for New York tomorrow.

It's not going to be them standing on the driveway waving goodbye this time.

And so begins a stretch of time back in the DC area. A few more weeks of hot hot days and beautiful summer nights (like tonight!), then a fall of East Coast colors, a winter with who-knows-how-much-snow-this-year, and some cherry blossoms and azaleas hang in my future.

Before I came back to this, though, my time in Omaha ended, and I took a vacation. There is much I could write about my time in Omaha ending. It is still very strange that I do not have staff meeting at 9:00 am tomorrow, and that when I went to church today, I wasn't "on-the-clock."

Perhaps a little more reflection will come later. I just wanted to write a little bit about my vacation.

I really, really struggle with the idea of taking a vacation sometimes. I just think about how much work there is to do in the world and how lucky I am, and why should I take a vacation? I get to sleep in a bed in a safe place with food in my tummy...that's luckier than so much of the world.

But, I hear and tell are like soul treatment. They make us happier, and therefore easier to live and work with.

Just like friends.

The three people here are three of five very special people who have been with me through thick and thin over the past five years. They mean the world to me, and it was so wonderful and affirming to spend a week with them!

It was good to see other very special people as well, to hang out in AT&T park, to spend a day at the beach and boardwalk in Santa Cruz, to enjoy music, food, beverages and Golden Gate Park at Outside Lands, and to walk around Berkeley and San Francisco!

So with that, the transition finishes as Mom and Dad start their adventure and I finish unpacking and figure out an employment situation. I'm moving back to Thank you so much for being with me this year, dear readers, and if you care to switch your following to the new-old blog, I will do my best to keep you entertained and thought-provoked as I move to another chapter and the 10s continue. Enjoy the dog days!